Ever since I was a little kid I had seen Sea Monkeys for sale & wanted to get some super bad.

I just couldn’t believe they were real. I always wondered, what are sea monkeys and how could they be alive? I always thought that when our family would buy sea monkeys they would be something like those foamy toys that come in a capsule and expand when placed in water. Or maybe they would be small plants that would somehow move in the aquarium. Well, my dream of getting Sea Monkeys as a child never came true. I do remember thinking of them often but as I got older I just forgot about them.

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One day not so long ago I was browsing online and to my surprise I seen the seamonkeys that I had so wanted as a kid! Needless to say I didn’t hesitate to order some and my whole family is glad I did. They are the most fun I have had in a long time. And the best part is my kids absolutely love them too! If you haven’t had them before I suggest you read & follow the directions. They’re real easy to get ready but they will not survive if you don’t do what the instructions say about the Sea Monkey care. You won’t believe it but these little buggers come to life from powder. They are a type of Brine shrimp also known as Artemia Salina. I think I even got one that is an Anostraca or Fairy Shrimp.

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The food packet that comes with them will last you months but if you need more, click here for more Sea Monkey food and eggs.

Sea Monkey Food

Sea Monkey Food & Eggs

If you ever are wondering what gift to give for a birthday or a just because present, these Sea Monkeys for sale are a great idea for kids, boys, girls and even for adults. Poogies.com features some Melissa and Doug wooden toys for kids where you’ll see puzzles, kitchen sets, toy food, dollhouses and many wooden toys for learning.


For other information Sea Monkeys wiki will tell you about these novelty aquarium pets.

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