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Early Years Lil Shopper Play SetDo you have a brilliant and upcoming artist in your midst? If so, Melissa and Doug easel along with their arts and craft selection is some of the best I’ve seen. The artist easels have a sturdy build and are ready to take years of “abuse” from your active artists! You can get stand-alone easels or you can purchase the set with all the supplies to get your little one started right away. Another favorite among kids is the Shopping Cart. Anytime you have a toy kids can push AND stack stuff in, you have a best seller!

Melissa and Doug Easel SetMelissa and Doug Shopping Cart
If your youngster likes to play with vehicles for a favorite toy, then they will love the collections of cheap ones available. Train set, cars, trucks, emergency vehicles, fire engines and even a garbage truck all come in sizes suitable for very young children and give the safety features that will make parents and guardians happy. Click here for more Wooden Toys for Children.

Melissa and Doug Car Carrier TruckWooden Race Cars Set
The Melissa and Doug brand also produce a fantastic line of plush animals that are huge. This is another surprise on my part of what they offer. These Giant Stuffed Animals are super awesome and you will see stuffed animals dogs, bears, dinosaurs, white tigers, a giraffe, teddy Bear, elephant, sea turtle, dolphins, penguins and others that will make perfect companions and give much needed comfort at bedtime as well as through out the day. Most of us had some favorite stuffed animals when we were younger. I had a whole bed full of favorite plush animals but they weren’t this brand. These large stuffed animals are so cute, soft and cuddly that I dare you to buy just one!

Giant Stuffed Animals GiraffeMelissa and Doug Large Stuffed Animals Teddy Bear

Melissa and Doug Toys for pretend play has a selection that will satisfy any age.

One thing that surprised me was that they had a line of baby and toddler products. I thought their pretend play toys were for older children when I had noticed there wonderful push toys, rattles and plush animals for the tiny crowd. As I was browsing their selections I found some Fill and Spill products which seem like some of the best Educational Toys for children, toddlers and babies that I really liked. Their eye catching colors are vibrant and will surely grab the attention of kids at all ages. These pretend play toys are something that will give my children tons of play time and they will be passed on from child to child. After that they’ll get handed down to relatives or friends who can enjoy even more learning fun.

These toys are something to check out the next time you are looking for a great gift for baby, a young toddler, a girl or boy. Remember that this brand has more than wooden play things. They have expanded from wooden toys to plush animals, play baby dolls for girls and more as you see in the pictures above. Any time there is a brand like Melissa and Doug toys you know they are of quality and inspire education as well as creativity. Check out another page of toys that are just as adorable as these big animals and all the super toys.

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