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Babylegs Leg Warmers For Girls Layer Cake

Babylegs Flower Mill Leggings Pink Black Polka Dot Ruffles Leg Warmers
These Baby legs just get cuter & cuter!
Babylegs Melon Flower MazeGirls Cupcake Leggings

How about some Hot Pink, Gray, Blue in the Ruffled style to shake things up.


Ruffled Purple Leg Warmers Knit Arm WarmerRuffle Orange Leg Warmers

And below are some really Furry Leg Warmers

Furry Leg WarmersFaux Fur Fuzzy Leg Warmers Women


At Poogies.com we strive to give you the most wonderful leg warmer experience with leg warmers for babies, toddlers, girls and boys. If you have been to our site before, you will notice some changes. We’ve been around for many years and have made size selection one of our priorities. This is one of the reasons we are adding a bigger variety of leg warmers for girls, baby, children, kids, toddlers and women along with several other product choices throughout the months to come. In need of some boy leg warmers

Here you will find baby leg warmers, toddler leg warmers, leg warmers for babies, children, boys, girls, women and more. As we expand our Poogies site, you will be able to buy leg warmers for any of your family and friends. With our expansion, we aim to supply numerous styles and colors of leg warmers such as black, pink, white, green and gold just for starters. Cable knit, furry, fuzzy, funky, fun, ruffled, crazy and just plain adorable are some of our styles.

One reason leg warmers are so important for kids, is because they extend the wear of baby’s, little toddler’s and children’s short clothing and keep their legs and ankles warm. They are perfect for newborns and babies! Make sure to keep them after your infants grow out of them because they work wonderful for arm warmers as they grow. They’re also great for young girls dancing, and gifts for any child or person! These leg warmers for infants, toddlers and children can be worn any time you think their little legs might get cold, or whenever you want some fashion fun. Dance leg warmers add a nice touch and keep you more focused while performing. They also look really ko-el with shorts and skirts. My family wears ours year round. Most people think they are only for winter time, but it gets really chilly during the fall and during the summer, setting in the air conditioning can sometimes get mighty cold on the ankles. Poogies is a great place to purchase legwarmers for soccer teams, cheerleading, to dress up Halloween costumes, and for pretty much any situation or reason you can think. It’s amazing how long these have been around. It will be interesting to see what the new style will be in the future. One fashion of leg warmer I saw the other day was with ruffles. They are really cool and I really want to get a pair.

  • Leg warmers for girls extend the wear of children’s clothing
  • Keep legs and ankles warm whenever needed
  • Fashion leg warmer
  • Girls dance leg warmers
  • Leg warmers for Women
  • 80s leg warmers that never go out of style
  • Stay cozy all day and night
  • Black Leg Warmers to go with many outfits
  • Knit Leg Warmers because they fit so well
  • Buy fluffy, fuzzy, furry and polka dots leg warmers and arm warmers

Now let’s not forget about the other part of our body we can show off. I think Abby from NCIS is the best one to demonstrate that stylish arm warmers are the In Thing! One thing I’m not for sure is if she calls hers arm warmers or fingerless gloves. Arm warmers are another way to add some fun to your daily routine. They’re a super accessory to any wardrobe. Kids, toddlers and babies especially can get by with anything for clothing accessories and will look absolutely adorable while doing it! Not to mention most can be worn on girls and boys giving you 2 great uses from 1 pair. Now I know there are some people out there that would rather make their own legwarmers than buy. We want to be a place where you’ll want to come back for you leg warmer, arm warmer, socks, tights, leggings and clothing accessory needs. This leg warmer pattern site gives you several sites for you to look over. There are several comments from different people that give good information. If you click on this link to make leg warmers, it will show you how to make some out of old sweaters. You can’t go wrong there! Get tired of your sweaters, bring them back to life by wearing them a different way. This one has instructions and a video that shows you how to make your own leg warmers for girls. Pretty cool stuff.

Thank you for visiting Poogies.com. Make sure to stop by our other pages to get some fun gift ideas for kids. Please leave your comments on anything about baby, toddler, children, women’s orĀ  girls leg warmers. Tell us any way you wear or use them and the more unique the better.

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