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Newborn & Infant Leg Warmers in great colors!

Baby Leg Warmers Newborn Infant Toddler Orange Aqua Babies Leggings Girls BoysBaby Leg Warmers Newborn Infant Toddler Pastel Babies Leggings Girls BoysBaby Leg Warmers Newborn Infant Toddler Blue Babies Leggings Girls BoysBaby Leg Warmers Newborn Infant Toddler Pink Babies Leggings Girls BoysNewborn Infant Leggings

One of the reasons we started Poogies kids and baby leg warmers was to keep our precious little infant warm. When our first child was not even a year old, I couldn’t keep her pants down over her tiny legs and it drove me crazy to think of how cold her baby legs were getting through out the day. Another really great thing is that most of these also fit toddlers, older kids and are perfect arm warmers for all children and some adults. We have some great brands that include Huggalugs, Leg Huggers, Babylegs, My Little Legs, Little Miss Matched, Amazon & more!

This was at a time where she was growing out of the footed outfits and no matter what I did, her pants would not stay down when I picked her up. If this only happened in the house we would’ve been fine, but when we had to go outside in the winter, it was freezing and her ankles would be bare. I needed some leg warmers for babies!

Boy Leg Warmers

Boys Leg Warmers


Toddler Leg Warmers

Click on the pictures below to see more style choices. The lace leg warmers showing the darling little bum is available in several sizes.

Kids Lace Tights
At the time there weren’t many kids leg warmers around, so I made my own. I went through many pairs of baby leg warmers to figure out the best size that would fit the most comfortably. These days there is such a wonderful variety of leg warmers that I can’t wait to keep adding tons of selections for you to look through that suit any personality, style and leg warmer fashion. As you can imagine, I am a huge fan of childrens leggings! I think all kids, boys, girls and Womens should own some. I wear mine most months of the year.


The Poogies Store plans on keeping the hottest Infant, Baby, Toddler, Girls & Boys leg warmers updated as much as possible! And the same goes with our arm warmer, leggings and all the areas on our site. Thank you muches for visiting but before you go, you have to check out this video. Be careful though, you might not be able to get this catchy tune out of your head!

Fun Baby Leg Warmers and Girls Leggings

You’re playing the video over just to hear the song, aren’t you?

We just put up some different styles of baby leggings as they are sometimes called in the latest addition to Poogies.com. Leg huggers is another name used to describe these leggings that work so well for our dancing, climbing and running little ones. They also give protection to crawling knees and are super for EC potty training.

Sizing for many of the knit leg warmers is one size fits all. They’re really fun and have different styles of patterns like polka dots, stripes, argyle, flowers, camo, leopard print, zebra & giraffe print to name a few.

Stop by and visit our site often to see what funky kids stuff we come up with next. Before you leave look around our other pages because we are adding more products often.

I challenge you all to get creative with your legwarmers and make sure to leave your comments!


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