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Flower Leggings


Now for some Girls Leggings and Tights – most but not all come in sizes for infants, toddlers and older girls. Click any picture to see more girls and boy styles as you continue to scroll down the page.

Girls Leggings and Tights

Long Shirts and Leggings in many colors

Long Shirts and Leggings


Click any picture for more footless tights for infants, toddlers & kids

Black Leggings For Kids

Black Leggings


Footless Tights Fashion Leggings

A few of the colors choices you’ll find are red, green, pink, white, black, blue, tan, yellow and orange. There is some pretty funky and fun lace, glitter, solid or striped tights for girls so check them out now.

Black Yellow Striped Tights


After you watch the video below keep scrolling down for more styles of leggings for girls.

Footless Tights Leggings Galore!

Lace Leggings For Baby Toddler & Girls

Lace Leggings


Play our fun video above to see a variety of our capri tights and leggings for baby, kids, toddlers, children & juniors.

Fantastic colorful leggings for infant, babies, toddlers and kids can also be described as footless dance tights for children. So many Baby Toddler Leggings for girls and boys. Leggings and tights come in several sizes for all kids.

Most of these Leggings have an elastic waist and are made with soft and stretchy fabric. When you buy leggings or kids footless tights please read the descriptions and check the sizes so you get exactly what you want! Many come in sizes to fit baby, toddlers, older kids, girls and being soft and stretch they should fit for a while. They are especially precious when worn with a tutu or pettiskirt and are super with skirts, shorts, under Capri pants and for dance class or when performing on stage.

Fashion Leggings And Tights are a great way to dress to feel comfortable every day. With so many colors and patterns to choose from you might have a different pair for each day of the month. Or maybe not. But I do have to say that my kids wear theirs most days and they are usually the first thing they pick from their wardrobe. I like the many styles like capri or full length ones that go to the ankle. Are long shorts considered leggings? We have some shorts that are stretchy spandex or microfiber that go to the knee where I would say could be called leggings. I guess I don’t know but as long as they are cozy comfy I don’t know if I care and I am smiling as I say that.

Lately I see many people asking about sweater leggings. Is this the same as winter leggings? I would think those two are as close as it gets but there could always be a line of clothes I have not yet discovered. New fashion is always a thrill.

Heavier leggings are really nice to wear in the colder months with a longer shirt, dress, a skirt or just wear as pants if you so desire. Many people think leggings are only for kids, girls and women. Boys and men wear them as well. While learning the history of leggings it says they started out as two separate garments to be worn one for each leg. I think this could be part of the reason I get confused when talking of leg warmers, leggings or footless tights. I find this rather amusing and could discuss this at more length sometime.

We hope you’ve had a nice time looking over all the nice leggings for girls that come in pink, brown, ivory, red, white, polka dots, lace leggings, zebra and leopard. You have some great colors choices and styles of infant, baby, toddler and child fashion leggings to pick from.

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