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There’s a huge selection that includes knit, rainbow, cable, striped and checkered arm warmers for babies, toddlers, kids, girls and women to look over so hopefully you have a good amount of time for browsing. You will see many different pictures you can click on to find out more about that particular product. Also feel free to click on the highlighted links throughout the pages to get even more choices.

juDanzy Bumble Bee Leg Warmer Arm Socks Baby Toddler

Every now and then you will notice some leg warmers mixed in with the Arm Warmers. These also make great arm socks for kids. Some are made with both ends open while others have a place to insert your thumb or fingers. We think of it as just giving you a bigger viewing selection that could have possibly been missed from one of our other pages. Here at Poogies, we look forward to you having a unique and fun shopping experience.

While checking out several different styles, I came across some that are close to arm warmers, but are more like Long Fingerless Gloves. Several of these fingerless gloves actually have the finger slots, but others have the finger area totally open. I have not tried the kind that has the finger slots, but I would think that they would be just as comfortable as the open end arm sleeves for girls, boys, kids and women. The fingerless glove for kids can be shorter and made with satin, knit, acrylic or some other fabric which makes for a good variety.

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