When I say funky socks I mean it! Just take a look at these pairs.

These trendy socks come as two separate pair. The brand is Three Cheers for Girls and they have many different styles to choose from so please take a look. For more information and styles click on any picture or link to get more details.


These are very modern, unique and are totally cute & very funky socks for kids. How fun when you can wear different socks and be cool. They come in different lengths and colors. Be sure to check for the correct size in the description before ordering. If you’re not looking for girls knee high socks then be sure to enter the name of what you are looking for in the search area at the top of the site. You can shop for liners, anklets, over the knee, flip flop socks, fuzzy, novelty, sparkle, sporty & toe socks for all your needs. I think pink socks are a favorite for many! The novelty ones have styles that I have never seen before and are really useful with different shoes. They also make for some really great gift ideas for girls.

Three Cheers for Girls Owl and Heart Stripes Knee High Socks


Hey, maybe you could get your volleyball or soccer team together, pick the 3 best styles and then vote which one is the favorite to complete your uniform. These girls soccer socks will really bring the team together! Not only will they be styling, they’ll have their competitors wondering where they got their crazy & funky girls knee high socks. You might also want to see some cute tote and duffle bags for girls. Want some pants to go with your funtastic socks? Then our girls footless tights is the next logical stop.

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