Japanese Kokeshi dolls are simple and fun to play with. Not all of them are used for toys. Some are for decoration while these little dolls are adding beauty to our leg warmers for newborns. Keep reading below because these are not just for babies. They also come in many more choices of patterns and styles that are super for boys and girls of many ages like toddler to big kids.

Huggalugs Leghuggers are designer leg warmers which hug little legs and arms in comfort and color. They’re easy to pull on under or over pants or skirts. Handy for quick weather or temperature changes while very easy to slip on arms and legs even with a tee shirt on. Also made for helping little ones learn to dress themselves while their dexterity is improving and these infant leg warmers give them interesting patterns that are perfect for dress up fun. These baby girl leggings can be used on both the arms and the legs. One size fits most from birth to big kids up to the thigh. Huggalugs Leghuggers can also be worn by older children, teens and adults as traditional calf height leg warmers, arm warmers and open toed socks.

Product Features

  • Infant Leggins to 6 months old
  • Packaged in a box, perfect for gift giving
  • 80% cotton with plenty of stretch so they stay put! 15% nylon or polyester – 5% spandex
  • Cold hand wash, Line Dry.

Infant Leggings

With so many uses kids leg warmers are a smart choice when buying clothes for your family. It’s also nice to know you can keep your children warm so easily and take them off with no trouble if they get too warm. That goes for their legs, ankles, wrists or arms. Click here for more baby leg warmers. Want to see a few more? Click here

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