I don’t know about you but I get a little confused on all the different names used to describe kids clothing.

What I thought were leggings are also called girls footless tights and they come in sizes for children, kids, toddlers and baby. What I thought were jean or denim leggings are now called jeggings. Which by the way I think is a pretty cool name. I love made up names that add extra shazazzle to liven up anything! In our household we make up names for each other and our belongings all the time. Enough about that we’ll get back to our childrens clothes discussion. Please scroll all the way down the page to see more  footless leggings and capri tights.

Fashion Leggings Camo 7-16

Are girls jeggings a fairly new fad? Are you also wondering how to wear them and girls footless tights? How about where is the best place to buy? Here are some ideas on the differences between them and how to wear those jeggings that are so much like jean and denim leggings.

Jeggings are pants that are made to look like jeans but feel like cozy leggings. These girls footless tights are made of Polyester, Spandex and with these particular pairs you have the choice of Blue, Black and Gray colors. These come in kids small and kids large sizes. How to wear fashion jeggings for girls, kids and juniors? You want to fashion these with long shirts, a short dress, fun skirts, tunic tops, tunic dresses, sweaters or any top will do. They great part is you can go where ever your inner Diva takes you! Make sure to click on the pictures to get more information about the styles you like.

When it comes to girls footless tights I believe they’re mostly the same as leggings for girls. They are both soft and stretchy with an elastic waist. Many styles of these girls footless tights come in sizes that will fit your baby, toddler and older children. Just like our baby leg warmers I have seen these with polka dots, stripes, solid colors, lace leggings and pretty much anything for any preferred fashion style.

Now to add more confusion on the names used for childrens clothes, I have also seen newborn, infant, babies, toddler, boys and girls leg warmers referred to as footless tights and leggings.

I do feel that in order to be categorized as tights they need to cover the bum but who am I to say. So when it comes down to my thoughts on the subject of girls footless tights, leggings and jeggings, I think they all come in some wonderfully different colors and styles and can be worn in much the same way, covered bum bum or not.

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