Click any picture now for fabulous gifts for girls under $20!

It could be for Birthday, Christmas, Sweet 16, sleepovers, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, best friend gift ideas or a just because gift to celebrate life. I was really surprised at some of these gifts for girls under $20 and how nice they look.

Well let’s get started with some birthday gifts for girls right now, shall we? Let’s begin with a few baby gift ideas. I think the sock monkeys, sock animals and creatures from Little Miss Matched are past the edge of adorable. These sock animals are superb for decorating a room or furniture and will surely be a wonderful friend to your child as they grow up. The sock creatures are named Charlie, Max and Zoe all who have fun stripes and colors. More sock animals include a puppy, elephant and kitten sock doll as well as several colorful sock monkeys.

Baby Girl Socks

More fun gift ideas are these fabulous baby girls socks in a candy jar for 0-12 months to fit as they become a toddler. The boys socks in a candy jar are the same size with Dinosaurs and stripes for a pattern. One of the things I look for when buying socks for my baby or toddler is non-skid soles. It helps to keep my little one from slipping and I’ve noticed that they will keep their socks on better instead of pulling them off right away which put these high on my list of gifts for girls under $20.

Gifts For Girls Under $20 Activity Book The Writer In Me Picture
As our kids get older and start to express themselves I have found an activity book makes wonderful gifts for girls under $20. The Writer in Me, The Artist in Me and Pajama Party in a Box are the 3 activity books. The Writer in Me is an all-in-one kit that has 96 full-color pages and includes 3 types of writing journals, dictionary, poster and a deck of story-starter cards. Writing is a great way for your kids to express themselves while relaxing in their leg warmers. The Artist in Me activity book is also 96 pages, has an artist sketch book, a color spinwheel, a set of cray-pas and blending stick, 3 soft-lead pencils, kneaded eraser and assorted charcoal paper. Pajama Party in a Box is a funtastic idea to give when having a sleepover. Again this is 96 pages but this activity book is a guide to giving the perfect pajama party. How to find a theme; how to make your own invitations, party favors, goodie bags & decorations. This one also includes what to serve and has scrumptious recipes plus games and craft ideas. All the great stuff inside these books for girls makes it hard to decide which one to get.

Gifts For Girls Under $20 Lip Gloss Red Green White Image

I have a few more gifts for girls under $20 to visit about and there are many more that will not get mentioned today. After you click on a link or picture take some time to look through all the funky socks, lip gloss, perfume, clothes, books, the Little Miss Matched style of American Girl dolls, hats, leg warmers and arm warmers.

I sure hope we have given you some helpful Gift Ideas For Girls age 5, 8, 10 & in between that will be successful when searching for Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, gifts for little girls, gifts for girlfriends & teens.

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