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Pink Spiketus Backpack Girls Gift

As a mother of 3 I know how hard it can be to come up with creative gift ideas. Age 7, 8, 10, 12 & 13 can be tough to buy for because it seems that they keep changing their mind on what they want! Maybe I shouldn’t say it quite like that. I have noticed as my kids get older it’s not so much that they keep changing their minds but they just want to buy or get more things.

Our 5 year old is in the stage where she wants to go buy something every day which makes gifts for this age pretty easy. Now as wonderful as that would be to get something everyday it’s just not going to happen. Not only would there be no appreciation for gifts or hard earned money but where would you put all the stuff? She has just come to realize how fun it is to get new things and I think it’s adorable. This is what she tells me, “But mom, I never get to buy new things.” Let me remind you that this is what she says the day after a new gift. She’s such a big help when I need to come up with a gift for girls her age.

Gift Ideas For Girls Bed In A Bag

Most of the time I can find unique and really great gifts for girls age 3, 4, 5 up to 8 and 9 but the challenge comes when we need to come up with gift ideas for teenage girls 13 to 16 and above. At this age I think many of these kids like to spend most of their time in the privacy of their own room. So my thoughts are why not help them decorate it with fun bedding, furniture and room accessories. Little Miss Matched has gifts for kids like bed in a bag bedding sets that are reversible, creative and maybe kind of wacky! They are so much fun and I always love anything reversible. This gift idea lets kids change their room as often as they like without having to move a bunch of heavy furniture around. Kids bed in a bag is just one of many gift ideas for a sister or a daughter. A matching bed set is also nice for a best friends birthday.

Little Mismatched also has complimentary curtains, valances & super soft pillows that are fabulous ideas for girls to liven up their room. The pillows can be for decoration or a cozy addition to snuggle up with when they want to relax.

American Girl Isabelle Doll Paperback Book Girl of 2014

For Christmas and birthday gifts our goal is to find something that’s wonderful, shows our love, appreciation and a gift they can use for a long time. It’s very rewarding when you give something that is remembered for several months and possibly even years later. What’s really exciting is when the one you give is in the top 3 of their favorites. You know, the type of present that is talked of long after it’s given. An American Girl doll, a spike backpack like the picture at the top of this page and clothing outfits or scarves for kids and teenagers are some different ideas.

Some of the ideas we have chosen for our kids have been big hits. When our girls like a gift more than anything they will bring it to bed and sleep with it at night. They started doing this at a very young age. Back then I didn’t think it was a such good idea and I’ll tell you why. There were several nights where we would wake up to a little girl crying because she lost her toy in bed. Then she would continue to cry until we went in her room, turned on the light and found that little toy. Needless to say we came up with the idea that if it’s something small that can easily get lost they need to put it in a special place at night. This way when morning comes around they will have their precious toy with no night time interruptions. They didn’t like this idea very well at first but now it is a huge success and they do it all by themselves. We all sleep great and it makes for a wonderful morning when they get up and know where their precious toy is located. A couple of favorites include their big dolls, little toy animals and this sounds silly but they also wanted to sleep with their nail polish and lip gloss.

Gift Ideas For Girls Sparkle Nail Polish

These will surely make jazzy and snazzy Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts for girls, sweet 16 gift and any other present you can think of. How about co-workers, girlfriends, your kids friends and men also love these socks. How about some wild knit arm warmers to go with your cool socks for girls.

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