The more years The Poogies Store is online I find the direction going towards kids craft ideas & DIY projects as birthday gift ideas or making gifts just because. They can be for your kids, brothers or sisters, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or for friends and family of any sort.

This kids craft idea is called “7 Days of Love” and is a very easy project your family can make to give someone who will be away for a while. How about for someone leaving for college, a friend or relative in the nursing home or a loved one you will not see for some time. It’s a beautiful gift to give adults and kids at spring time, Valentine’s Day, Easter, May Day,┬áMother’s Day, a Father’s Day gift or for any situation you can think of to give. Maybe your really crafty and want to decorate the outside of the 7 day box. We like to write beautiful verses from the KJV Bible on the pieces of paper and you can use any kind of little candy or mini toys to fill the sections. What makes it even more special is you add in what you want to share with your friend and also what they enjoy.

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