While playing around on Pinterest for projects I came across this fabulous DIY birthday party game for kids. It’s always thrilling to find new and creative games that you can make yourself and are easy. This tape ball game will be the highlight of the birthday party. Below I will tell you how it works.

Have the players form a big circle and sit down. You can roll dice for the highest or lowest number to see who will get the tape ball first. After that has been done the dice will go to the person in front of the one with the ball.

Now the one with the ball will start to remove the tape as fast as they can and any candy they get off they get to keep. In the mean time the one who has the dice is trying to roll doubles to get their turn. As soon as doubles are rolled they give the dice to the person in front of them and then they will get the tape ball.

I will continue to look for more childrens gift ideas and party games to share with you in the near future.

A great thing about this game is it can be for any age. All you would need to do is put different items in the ball for what ever age you are planning this game. Have a blast!

I found this great idea for a fun party game for kids on Pinterest.

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