This one is such a good centerpiece idea that I just had to share. It is super for kids birthday parties but you could substitute for different occasions.

For some people birthday decorating comes easy. They can throw the best parties even on a small budget. As for me I need help in every department when trying to plan any gathering. That is just one of the reasons I LOVE Pinterest because you can get amazing ideas on about any subject you like.

The picture above tells about a fun centerpiece idea for a kids party. Get a glass jar and fill it with gum, candy or your child’s favorite goodie. You then get the number candles of how old they are and place them on the side as seen above. To top off the center piece get your ribbon or string and tie how ever many balloons you want to the top. Pretty awesome.

I will be sharing more fun stuff I find and hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Resource for the birthday centerpiece idea

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